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About US

ELITE was founded by a close-knit family that LOVES to celebrate every life event together and pull up their sleeves to help plan the most AMAZING events. We started planning our own family events (A LOT of practice) and shortly after we were hired by friends and companies to assist with event planning.


One of the most popular items in OUR events was Marquee Letters.  They make the best statement in every celebration and a unique touch to each event. 

Our letters gained popularity and we quickly started expanding to neighboring cities. ELITE is now in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, with more locations quickly opening across the nation.


If you are interested in joining our ELITE family, reach out to us for an opportunity in your city.  

We love to see our family grow! 

Outdoor Event
Outdoor Event


We create inspiring, extraordinary, and unforgettable events to make life's celebrations more enjoyable and memorable.


To build a community that will work together to execute your beautiful events from start to finish. 

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